Theme Nights

Jam Cruisers are some of the most fun, creative, and party-happy music fans in the world, and perhaps nothing exemplifies this more than the Jam Cruise theme nights! Get in the spirit and do your part to contribute to these witty and wackycelebrations which can be based off of virtually anything!

Our Jam Cruise 15 Theme Nights are...


Mad Hatters Ball

Join us as we jump down the rabbit hole for our Mad Hatters Ball! This night is for the curious and the curiouser as we venture into the great unknown - a nautical fantasy land where fiction is fact and the costumes are larger than life. It’s time to get creative, dream big, and show off your muchness for this theme night! Have we all gone mad? Perhaps just a bit, but the best people usually are! 

Orange Night

If Jam Cruisers were a color, they just may be orange. Bright, fun, and always standing out from the crowd! Our Jam Cruise 15 Orange Night is sure to be a dazzling affair of costumes and color, so pay homage to our tropical destinations and the fun spirit of orange by going bold! 

Time Traveler Night

Jam Cruise 15 has sailed its way right into a time warp and is cruising into the ages of the past and future! Choose a decade, a specific historical event, or even venture to the future on this extraordinary evening of time traveling. This is the night we explore what was and what could be as we stretch time and reel in the years!